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Smirnoff Speaker Tube

The brief was simple. Create a smartphone speaker that required no batteries, was made from recyclable materials and something that shouted Pure Potential.

We took it further and developed a packaging concept that would have maximum in store presence, simple distribution properties and a take home item that was a functional and exciting talking point for the consumer.

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Zooper Dooper
Zooper Dooper

Zooper Dooper Coolsie

A coolsie for your iceblock? Why not!
Working alongside Truenorth, the agency for Zooper Dooper, we developed an Australian wide gift with purchase program including custom packaging, point of sale shippers and end-to-end logistics support.

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Zooper Dooper Coolsie
Meridian Energy Torch

Meridian Energy Torch

When Meridian asked for torches we showed them the light. From concept development through to complete packaging and distribution support, this Direct Marketing campaign to more than 180,000 consumers was one of the largest DM campaigns of its kind New Zealand has seen.

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