Using sales promotion to improve sales

Sales promotion is a tried and tested method to increase sales. As a marketing discipline it falls under one of the classic 5 P's of marketing, which for some have fallen out of favour these days, but in truth still remain an important part of the marketing mix.

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What is Brand Building?

Building a strong brand is almost as important as building the service or the product. It’s the core element that needs to be settled pronto before getting too excited with building complicated strategies. Once a company is able to build a recognizable and loved brand, it’s the most valuable asset a company owns!

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Using Branded Merchandise To Improve Sales

Simply put, promotional products can make a great impression. Who doesn’t like receiving something for free? Even better who doesn’t like receiving something that’s free but also practical, sometimes useful and more importantly a clever item that resonates with the consumer.

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How to Increase Your Brand Awareness

When talking about brands, we instantly think of logos, products or slogans. How often have you said “Google it” instead of saying search for it (Sorry, Bing). Or when have you asked for Kleenex instead of a tissue. What made these brands become such household names that they’re now used to describe a product category?

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10 Simple Training Tips for Round The Bays

Check out our top 10 training tips for running Round the Bays below from Carlos. If you're an inexperienced runner like Carlos it's essential to plan your training. These quick tips are a great start for your Round the Bays 2018 run.

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Take Back Control of your Brand

As a brand manager, you have a responsibility to be your brand's guardian. Almost like a parent, you must nurture it and protect it. It's a big ask, and not to be taken lightly. Rather like death and taxes there is another sure thing in life...and that's that everyone will have an opinion on brands - we're surrounded by them, influenced by them and these days seem to be particularly vocal about them.

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New year is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar.

A major holiday in many Asian cultures, Chinese New Year is often referred to as the Spring Festival. It is a time for family, reunion, good food, and steeped in many traditions and themes like good luck, fortune, happiness, wealth and longevity.

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5 Reasons to invest in Corporate Clothing

To discover why corporate clothing is so important, we must first go right back to your first lesson in marketing.

A brand's identity is represented by all the visual elements that make up that brand. Of course, one element is the logo but there are many other brand attributes that should not be ignored and that combine to create a brand.

These visual elements are many and varied but broadly can be represented by things like design, colour, and layout.

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How to manage your Corporate Clothing

Do you run a business that requires corporate apparel for your staff? Are you in procurement and tasked with sourcing uniform and keeping inventory? Then you'll understand how difficult this can be to manage.

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How to Improve your Offshore Sourcing

For many companies, running effective offshore projects feels about as easy as herding cats. Working with clients that keep changing the goalposts and suppliers who don’t stick to their word creates levels of stress that leave you asking, why do we bother?

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