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Hello, thanks for taking the time to drop by.

This is where we’re going to share some interesting and relevant articles and information that we hope will help you in your everyday business as well as provide you with some useful insights into ours.

Someone told me once you should be able to explain what your business does in 6 words or less… fat chance! It’s not that it's complicated, just we’re a little different. But let me try to nail this in as few words as possible… We are a product agency (5 words and counting…). What’s a product agency? Well at our core we design, source, manufacture and distribute consumer products through various B2B channels. Our main business channels are brand merchandise and activations, retail and licensing, and product evolution. (At this point I’ve given up counting the words!)

That describes what we do as a function, but what makes Producto different is what we do beyond the product. You see we don’t just make great products, we develop solutions within and around products to help our clients achieve remarkable results. We aim to get to the heart of what is happening in our client’s business, figure out what they are trying to achieve and what their desired outcomes are. Only then can we truly add value and develop a bespoke solution to deliver exceptional results. Wrap all that up with some fresh creativity and a proactive approach to account management, and that is what we really do, that is how we add value, and that is how we are different.

Our team is 21 people strong, with 15 in our head office in Auckland and 6 in our China office. Our six most senior team members have over 85 years of combined experience in delivering custom product projects; this level of knowledge leading our team ensures our ability to transform ideas into reality.

Enough about our business, drop us a line so we can talk about yours.

I am Simon, We are Producto

Simon Morgan

Simon Morgan

Managing Director