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As a business we see ourselves as a corporate citizen.  Like any good citizen we have beliefs that we constantly strive to uphold within our business.  Everyday our actions are geared toward minimising a negative impact on people and the environment.  In fact, we aim to add value in everything we do, which is why we are committed to continual improvement in our business actions and processes to ensure that we help make the world a better place. Our commitment starts at the product origin and carries through to the end recipient. 


We Are Brand Guardians:

We also recognise and value the fact that while we work with companies and their brands, they too are corporate citizens that share a similar set of beliefs to us. We are entrusted as their caretaker to make sure that the way we operate doesn’t negatively impact their brand - we are honour-bound to ensure this.  In fact, we aim to take it one step further by leading and educating our corporate partners so that they understand the scope of the work we undertake for them. 


Factory Auditing and Vetting:

Every off-shore factory we work with is vetted based on our own high level of requirements, this allows us to know who we are dealing with from the outset.  We look for previous audit information, standards met, and client referrals.  We verify these with the appropriate agencies to ensure their legitimacy and we often arrange for our own staff to visit facilities to make sure that they match their claims.


Our CSR Policy:

Some CSR policies are long-winded and full of hot air.  Ours gets straight to it with four key points:

  1. Look after people.

  2. Look after the environment.

  3. Look after our customers brand.

  4. Be kind.  Be respectful.  Be good.

Corporate Social Responsibility

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