• Nitika Shah

Corporate Swag: Redefined

This month, we looked at the evolution of branded swag during the pandemic.

Gone are the days of branded baseball caps and ballpoint pens. As theWashington Post reports, businesses welcoming workers back to the office — or trying to engage employees who are still WFH — are handing out all kinds of branded merchandise.

From bottles of hand sanitizer, “clean keys” for elevator buttons, lights to make your video calls look better, and branded face masks, looks like corporate swag is in the middle of a pandemic makeover.

It seems that brands are adjusting their internal merchandise offering to suit. Investing in bespoke climate-relevant kits for your staff and clients will help to round this year off on a good note and maintain a strong, resilient brand image going into 2021.

If you were thinking of doing something similar for your team and/or clients then we'd love to help out!

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-The team at Producto

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