• Nitika Shah

Covermounts - the original GWP?

Updated: May 29

Anyone trying to start their own vegetable garden during the Covid-19 lockdown and experienced how tough it is to find home delivered vegetable seeds will wish they were subscribers to India’s Manorama Weekly magazine. Subscribers get their seed packets glued to the magazine. 

Covermounts, the practice of sticking free products to magazine covers, are nothing new to the publishing industry. The practice continued with computer magazines in the early era of home computers with storage media containing software and/or games distributed with their magazines. The distribution of vegetable seeds with magazines is, however, unheard of.

Editor in chief K.A. Francis said more than 200,000 of the Manorama Weekly readers are actively engaged in farming at their homes.

“With this initiative being a huge success among our audience we are planning to collaborate with the state government to come up with more sustainable ideas.”

It’s no secret that the Covid-19 has turned the magazine world upside down. While some are doing well, disappearing ad dollars have led to several redundancies at VICE, The Hollywood Reporter, and others.

Everyone’s money is tight, so publications are fighting to make themselves essential and doing whatever it takes to add value. If vegetable seeds started the trend, covermounted sourdough starters might come next...

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