• Simon Morgan

How the Producto office is making an impact

Producto’s NZ office is based in the Ironbank Building on Karangahape Road, Auckland. The building is Ecologically Sustainably Designed and has received the first 5 Star As–Built Greenstar rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council. In 2010 it was the recipient of Sustainable Architecture Award from the NZ Architecture Awards.

All of the spaces in the Ironbank are naturally ventilated, this means there’s no need for air conditioning. The high exposure of natural light also means offices require minimal electrical lighting. Food waste is collected and composted in an on-site worm farm. Compost soil and worm juice is used to fertilise garden plants in the courtyard and around the building.

Rainwater is collected via tanks and results in a 66% reduction in metered water consumption when compared to standard commercial buildings. Potable water is supplied via the street mains however non-potable water is provided by rainwater collection tanks and is used for non-drinking fixtures, such as toilet cisterns, irrigation connection points and any nominated hose taps around the facility. Solar hot water systems are mounted to the roof for efficient heating.

The Ironbank building features a car park stacker system in place of a traditional parks and enables the following:

  • Reduced carbon monoxide emissions from vehicle queuing and traveling within the parking station

  • Reduced electrical consumption through a reduced need for light and ventilation required for a traditional car park

  • Reduction in the physical foot print and construction materials associated with requirements for conventional parking

We're serious about sustainability and try to minimise our environmental impact wherever possible!

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