• Simon Morgan

How to Improve Your Offshore Sourcing

For many companies, running effective offshore projects feels about as easy as herding cats. Working with clients that keep changing the goalposts and suppliers who don’t stick to their word creates levels of stress that leave you asking, why do we bother?

Managing an offshore indent order

If there’s one thing we like to think we’re really good at, it’s managing offshore indent projects from initial enquiry through to creative, production, prototyping and final delivery. Where others see conflict and stress, we see the opportunity to shine. It’s not always been like that, but over the past few years we’ve developed a process which takes the stress out of global sourcing.

We’ll leave the client liaison to you, while you leave the offshore sourcing and project management to us.

When placing an indent order, you’ll be familiar with all the moving parts. In our process we have 76 steps that take us from initial enquiry through to final delivery. Each step in our process needs to be addressed and ticked off before proceeding to the next step. It’s a process that has stood the test of time and the test of various situations in various countries!

So how do we keep all our eggs in the air?

That comes down to many years of experience and our robust systems. We do the hard yards, so you don’t have to. We utilise an online project management tool that keeps each and every one of our staff, whether here in NZ or abroad, on the same page. Each step of the process is designed to foresee obstacles before they become issues.

Placing indent orders requires a collaborative outlook on project management. Our web-based system enables the whole team to collaborate on projects, keep track of projects and take responsibility for delivery on time and on budget.

The proof is in the pudding

We have numerous indent orders on the go at any one time, all at different stages prior to delivery. We’ve completed many many orders over the years, for a whole host of clients, who took the decision to outsource their indent orders, and now live a more stress-free life!

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