• Nitika Shah

Huge Brands Love Loop's Zero-Waste Packaging

A year after it launched, the delivery service that takes back its packaging to be reused is expanding, and will soon be available at retail stores in Europe & The US. In 2018, some of the biggest international brands embarked on an experiment to sell everyday products like shampoo in reusable, returnable packaging instead of single-use plastic, with one big question in mind - would customers buy it? Could a modern version of the milkman model make business sense?

For brands, the new platform, called Loop, was a radical step to test fundamental changes to how they package and deliver products, driven by consumer pressure to deal with the problem of plastic pollution.

“Companies are looking for new ways to address packaging and reduce waste, and consumers are demanding it."

-Steve Yeh, a project manager at Häagen-Dazs, the Nestlé-owned ice cream brand.

Häagen-Dazs committed major resources to developing new packaging for the pilot: a novel stainless steel ice cream canister that’s designed to keep ice cream cold longer. It then can be sent back, sterilized in a state-of-the-art cleaning system, and reused. (It also looks a lot nicer on your counter.)

The system is designed to be simple for consumers—in theory, nearly as easy as buying something in a disposable package and throwing that package in the trash. Online orders are delivered in a reusable tote, and when a customer has an empty container, it goes back in the tote, the customer schedules a pickup, the packages are returned for reuse, and the customer gets back a deposit that they paid for the package (or, if they’ve reordered the product, the deposit stays in an account and they don’t pay it again).

Full article can be found on Fast Company.

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