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Jan 01. Stuff We're Into

Updated: Jan 28

Product design we've been loving.


This game by Hungarian puzzle company Logifaces - described as an analogue game for digital minds.

The concrete puzzle game brand recently released a marble-run system. The rule of the original game is to create a continuous surface without any jump. The version below complements the surfaces with track segments. The player has to create a continuous track beside the continuous slope.

Designed by Planbureau, a creative agency based in Budapest.


A kitchen utensil brand by François Hurtaud offering an eco-responsible choice in materials and social approach in supporting causes. Traditionally, knives used to feature a full tank metal structure. Often neglected nowadays in order to save costs on material, this structure has the advantage of great strength. It distributes the force deployed while cutting onto the handle, providing efficiency but most importantly avoiding the blade bending or breaking in your hands. The handle is produced from agricultural waste, rice composite. The product has been designed to be fully recyclable.


Innovative cytological packing material designed by Japanese product designer Kenji Abe.

The packaging material transform into various shapes by combining pieces. Since it can be rearranged any number of times according to the application, it can act as not only as packaging material, but also pencil cases, produce bags, baskets, coasters etc.


Military-Strength Signal Blocking Bags for Everyday Devices.

From the smallest key fob to the most advanced forensics equipment, EDEC’s Faraday bags provide premium signal-blocking defense for every mobile device. EDEC’s Off Grid™ line integrates military-grade security features into sleek and durable high-tech designs to grant peace of mind when it comes to personal and professional data. Off Grid™ bags make advanced data protection accessible to everyone so they may guard themselves against unpermitted invasion—because the best offense is a good defense.

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