• Nitika Shah

Marketing Magic with Liquid Death 💀

Mike Cessario founded Liquid Death, a canned-water startup. Liquid Death is the result of Mike having played in punk and heavy-metal bands which ultimately influenced Liquid Death’s branding.

Founder Mike Cessario noticed energy drink companies heavily sponsor rock bands and rock tours. However, when speaking to bands on tour, he noted they prefer to drink water while performing, but have to put the water in an energy drink can. He thought: why not make water that bands would actually like to be seen drinking?

So how big can a can of water get?

Even though Liquid Death launched on March 7th - just as the pandemic hit, it is already the fastest-growing water brand in Whole Foods. Bottled water is a $20B business, with Aquafina (Pepsi) and Desani (Coca-Cola) both doing over $1B, each.

It seems to be crazy enough to work. Cessario lives by this mantra from Reid Hoffman:

“Great ideas often seem silly at first. If the idea doesn’t seem silly, people are already doing it.”

Liquid Death’s strategy is simple: give a standard product awesome branding. All the funniest and most dynamic ad campaigns are for junk food, booze and energy drinks. Healthy foods are generally marketed to mothers. Instead of listing features about their water, Liquid Death wants to create a “human brand” that people can relate to and laugh with.

“I like to think of our brand as a professional wrestler…no one thinks The Undertaker is real…we’re just playing a character”.

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