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Mindfulness & Merchandise

Self-Care Advent Calendar

Ad Agency The Hive created The Self-Care Calendar for Festive Season Survival to help people combat the holiday blues. An advent calendar, with a twist. People opened a door each day in December to reveal a different tip to help improve mental health, and lower holiday stress. The best part? 100% of proceeds went to support the Canadian Mental Health Association.

DIY Zen Candy Kits

You might have seen a number of DIY candy kits from Japan floating around the internet. These mini projects seem to magically turn powders and water into miniature meals, but are deceptively made out of candy.

These imaginative confectionaries are typically concocted for kids, but there now appears to be a couple of variations more suited for adults who wish to calm down their minds.

Available on Amazon Japan by Japanese company Heart, the Zen Garden DIY candy kits let you construct your own “zen gardens” with the help of some food hocus pocus. Internet users in Japan are fawning over the adorable edible gardens, and for good reason.

Puzzles for a Loud, Distracted World

Like adult coloring books, puzzle activities are coming into popularity for adults because of their ability to encourage mindfulness, focus, stress reduction and time away from screens. Inner Piece specializes in the creation of modern jigsaw puzzles that encourage people to immerse themselves in quiet time. In its first series, Inner Piece created four artful 500-piece puzzles, all of which revolve around the theme of home. Each puzzle comes with a cotton bag and a pin.

As part of its mission to help people of all ages enjoy quiet time, Inner Piece donates a dollar from every puzzle sold to youth mindfulness programs.

People are embracing mindfulness in a variety of ways, especially through activities that encourage slowing down and consciously taking time away from distractions.

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