• Nitika Shah

Rise & Shine... To the Age of Monetizing Viral Content

Updated: Feb 18

Have you ever wondered how celebrities capitalize on their time in the spotlight? Well, look no further than Kylie Jenner’s recent capitalization on the “rise and shine” meme for a complete how-to guide.

The young billionaire cashed in on the “Rise & Shine” meme she helped to kick-start by launching a line of merch.

Kylie went viral after posting a video tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office last year, which included a snippet of her singing “rise and shine” to wake up her daughter, Stormi. In a matter of minutes, the clip sparked a media frenzy, seeing multiple remixes and videos flooding the Internet.

Arriving in both a black or white colorway, each hoodie option sports a different design utilizing the now iconic “riiise and shiiine” saying along with a photo of Kylie’s face superimposed onto the sun featured in popular kids show Teletubbies.

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