• Nitika Shah

Sprite Takes a Page from the Hypebeast Book...

Sprite has a long history in the hip-hop space, starting with a 1986 commercial that featured Kurtis Blow to the iconic ‘I Love the Sprite in You’ ad, starring popular artists like LL Cool J and Kris Kross.

The brand has now returned to hip-hop culture as it releases a new product - Sprite Ginger, a gingery twist on the original lemon-lime soft drink.

To help launch the Sprite Ginger Collection, Sprite has partnered with legendary streetwear designer Jeff Staple, founder of Staple Design and Staple Pigeon – a celebration of young, up-and-coming creators from across the artistic spectrum.

The campaign began with an out-of-home and social teaser push. For the last few weeks in New York City the brand has put up billboards that show the Sprite can with tear-aways at the top showing the gold accents in the new can. They were strategically placed in lower Manhattan in neighborhoods where the brand knows its audience and the culture they follow is active.

The ‘Drop’

Sprite is treating the release of its product and Ginger Collection like a ‘drop’, a staple in modern hip-hop culture where hype is teased and built and the product (albums, clothing collections, movies) is suddenly "dropped".

“We thought, with that spirit of reinvention, it would be really cool to be the first beverage brand to ‘drop’ a new product in that way,” Beresford said.

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