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Out of sight doesn’t mean out of mind

Independent Quality Control is essential in everything we do. Our orders manufactured in offshore facilities are independently checked to ensure quality. Nobody likes surprises when receiving their product, so managing quality at origin is critical in guaranteeing that our business and our stakeholders are not compromised through poor quality or specific finishing requirements not being met. 


Product Testing:

By global standards New Zealand’s legislated product requirements are fairly relaxed. That makes it easy for importers to bring a range of products into our country which do not meet the same safety standards that other countries and regions require. We don’t like that. We believe we have a greater responsibility to all of our stakeholders, our own business, our community, our customers, and our customers' customers. Therefore we have our own standards that typically exceed New Zealand's required standards. For this we generally look to the highest international standard for guidance and then implement our testing policy.


Our testing policy is simple and non-negotiable:

  • If it goes in the mouth, or is used with food

  • Gets applied to the skin,

  • Plugs into the wall,

  • Or is for kids

… it gets tested

Our product testing is carried out by globally reknowned independent specialists.

Quality Control

& Testing

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