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We are committed to continual improvements in our business practices to ensure we get better at minimising impact and promoting positive outcomes for our stakeholders and environment every day. Here are some of the ways we do that…


Create Legacy Items

We don’t brand merchandise, we merchandise brands.  The difference in wording is subtle but the outcome is vastly different.  In doing so we aim to create merchandise that consumers love and use over and over.  We call these legacy items.  This is one of the most sustainable approaches to brand merchandise.  Not only does it keep items out of landfill, it ensures ongoing and continual brand engagement.


Supply Chain Management

We are consistently reviewing and managing all aspects of our supply chain to ensure we minimise environmental impacts throughout our processes.  From auditing factories to ensure their operations are aligned with our objectives through to working with international and local logistics providers who provide us with transparency and options to reduce and minimise environmental impact.


Alternative Product Materials and Packaging

Producto encourages the use of eco-friendly alternatives, offering a wide range of sustainable solutions and alternatives.  We work with our clients to understand their business and how they are utilising and distributing their products.  That enables us to research and recommend the most suitable solutions for their requirements.


Continual Betterment

We are committed to ongoing research and improvement in all aspects of our business.  We are consistently reviewing the latest advancements in sustainable technologies and exploring solutions to implement in our own business which maximise positive impact for the environment and our stakeholders.

Our 2022 Sustainability Goals

Producto is excited to announce our commitment to the following sustainability goals, to be met by 2022:

  • Carbon neutral international freight

  • Compostable packaging for all custom apparel
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